Genealogy Chart for Roger Cote Family

of Waterbury, CT

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The Cote lineage follows across the top . The LaPerriere lineage follows across the bottom . Yellow is my immediate family, both previous marriage and present. Time flows from recent to past, left to right. Spousal families are aligned vertically.

d. 8-30-1998
Thomaston, CT

    deceased date.
Ile Verte, PQ
Ile Verte, PQ 
Ile Verte PQ 
Ile Verte, PQ
Ile Verte, PQ
  d.    d. 3-22-1736
  d. abt. 1722
  d. 3-27-1661



  Jean Charles (Botte) Cote   Gabriel

  Jean Baptiste (Botte) Cote
  Jean Charles (Lefrise) Cote

b. 1-19-1933
Waterbury, CT
      born date.
Isle Verte, PQ
Isle Verte, PQ
Isle Verte, PQ
Isle Verte, PQ
  b. 4-20-1732
Isle Verte, PQ
  b. 11-17-1698
La Malbaie
  b. 8-24-1670
Beauport, Quebec
  b. 2-25-1643
  b. 1605
Mortagne France
m. 12-27-1950
Oakville, CT
      married date.
Isle Verte, P.Q.
  m. 1-29-1861
Isle Verte, P.Q.
  m. 2-9-1829
Isle Verte, P.Q.
  m. 9-25-1797
Isle Verte, P.Q.
  m. 7-20-1766
Isle Verte, P.Q.
  m. 10-7-1722
Quebec City
  m. 10-24-1695
St. Pierre
  m. 11-11-1669
Quebecville, P.Q.
  m. 11-17-1635
    d. 6-23-1977
Waterbury, CT
  Adelia Martin   Arthimise Tardiff   Olive Lemieux   Anastasie Asselin   Catherine
  Elisabeth Bernier   Francoise Choret   Anne

Roger Cote


  born date.
  b.   b.   b.
Ile Verte, PQ
  b. 2-23-1761
Ile Verte, PQ
Cap St. Ignace
St. Pierre I.O.
  b. 1-22-1652   b  abt 1603.
b. 7-7-1931
Waterbury, CT
Ile Verte

deceased date

Ile Verte, PQ

Ile Verte, PQ  
Ile Verte, PQ 
  d.     d. 
Ile Verte, PQ 
  d.     d.  9/14/1755
Trois Pistoles
  d. 11-26-1684   d.  1684  
m. 8-18-1967
Placentia, CA
  m. 6-25-1929
Waterbury, CT

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Roberta Jackson   Bibiane LaPerriere   deceased date
. 10-1976
Waterbury, CT
  d. 6-1944
St Boniface PQ
  d.4-4-1892   d.7-15-1884
St. Leon, PQ
  d.   d. 
Ancien Lorette
  d.   d. 12-10-1691  


b. 12-21-1938
Omaha, NE
Trois Rivieres
  Antonio LaPerriere
Phillip LaP
  Antoine LaPerriere   Jean Baptiste Laperriere   Jean Baptiste LaPerriere   Louis Ouvrard

  Antoine Ouvrard


Marin Ouvrard 

Naugatuck, CT
  born date.
St. Boniface PQ
  b. 1-28-1859
St. Leon, PQ
  b. 4-20-1827
St Boniface PQ
  b. 2-7-1787
St. Leon, PQ
  b. 2-21-1761   b. 1718
Ancien Lorette
  b. 1689
Chateau Richer
  b. 1665
Poitiers, France

Poitiers, France 

        married date.
  m. 1-13-1885   m. 10-6-1851       m. 11-23-1780   m. 2-19-1747
Lorette, P.Q.
  m. 1-30-1713
Ange Guardien
  m. 3-1-1688
Chateau Richer
        Azilica Pellerin   Clara Lambert   Eugenie Lasage   Dionne   Amable Robitaille   Elisabeth Riopel   Angelique Vezinat   Anne Quentin

De Rousse

        born date
. 7-8-1888
St Boniface PQ
  b.1866   b. 11-18-1831   b.   b.   b.  

b. 1692

  b. 10-21-1665  



deceased date.
Waterbury, CT

  d. 1-26-1906
St Boniface PQ


  d.   d.   d.     d.  12-24-1747
Ancien Lorette
  d.  5-28-1711
Pointe aux Trembles


To see a map of the origin of both families,(circa 1600) click here.
For a more complete history of the Jean Cote history, link to Jean_Cote_Family_History.pdf, by Sarah Brown.

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All names below in Bold are in our lineage. That is to say, me, my siblings, and my offspring.

1.  Jean Cote. patriarch of the Cote family in the New World, arrived in Quebec, Canada in the spring of   1634 from Mortagne, Perche in Normandy France. Records that might have revealed more of Jean Cote's origins were destroyed in a fire in 1640 in which all records of La Nouvelle France (New France) were destroyed. They had 8 children: Louis Joseph (Oct 25, 1635) ,  Simone (Dec 09, 1637), Martin (Jul 12, 1639),  Mathieu (Jul 06, 1642),  Jean Charles (Le Frise) (our line) (Feb 25, 1643) , Noel (May 04, 1646), Marie (Jan 11, 1647) Louise (Apr 10, 1650).

Jean's parents were Abraham Coste ( born 1577 - Mortagne, France - died 1673) ( note the difference in spelling, a difference that continued for the second generation in Canada ), and Francoise Genevieve Loiselle ( born abt 1581, Mortagne France - died ? )

2. Anne Martin 's  origins  are somewhat of a mystery.She is thought to be the daughter of Abraham Martin, owner of the Plains of Abraham (that part is questionable). If that is the case, then she is the daughter of Abraham "L'Ecossais" Martin (born 1585. Dieppe France - died 1664, Quebec) and Marguerite Langlois (born 1595, Montpilier France - died 1665, Quebec) who were married in France in 1620. He was known as "L'Ecossais"  which meant that he was a Scot who was devoted to the cause of of Mary, Queen of Scots. It isn't yet settled if he was a Scot living in France or a Frenchman who spent some time in Scotland (It was just across the channel). He is said to have been in a plot to free Mary from the English. When the plot failed, ( she was eventually beheaded) he fled to France.  There are those who say that Abraham Martin was of French origin.

It is more suspected that Anne was Abraham's sister,  the daughter of Galleran Martin, (born 1560, La Rochelle France - died 1623, France)and Isabelle (Isabella) Cote. The Cote and Martin families appeared to be close in France.
I have three conflicting dates for her birth.
As sister to Abraham, about 1617.
As daughter of Abraham, March 23, 1621.
I have another source of 1603, which would make her closer to Jean's age. My guess is Abraham's daughter, born in 1603.
The exact lineage of the Martin side prior to 1635, unfortunately, will forever be lost in the anals of history.

3. Jean Charles (Le Frise) Cote: "Le Frise"  meant he had curly "frizzy" hair, a nickname. He was married twice. His 1st wife (our line) was Anne Couture. She was born 22 Jan 1652, married on Nov 11 1669 and died 26 Nov 1684. They had 7 children; Jean Baptiste (our line)Noel,  Marguerite,  Marie,  Pierre,  Guillaume,  and Anne. He was Captain of the militia in Beauport, and a church warden .
   On Feb 23, 1686 he married Genevieve Verdon. They had 11 children, for a total of  18.

4. Jean Baptiste (Botte) Cote: The nickname "Botte" means "Boots" . I leave it to your imagination why he was so nicknamed. Married to Francoise Charlotte Choret on October 24, 1695 in St. Pierre I.O. (Isle d'Orleans) in Quebec. They had 14 children. Marie Anne (Aug 14, 1696),  Jean Baptiste (Jul 09, 1697),  Gabriel (Nov 17, 1698), Paul (Feb 25, 1699 died the following month),  Prisque (Sep 05, 1701),  Anne (Apr 11, 1703),  Francoise (Apr 29, 1704),  Pierre ( about 1706),  Catherine (about 1706),  Agathe ( Jan 18, 1809/10), Marie (abt. 1713),  Genevieve (abt. 1717),  Nicolas (abt. 1720).
Jean Baptiste was the 1st Seigneur (Lord) of L'Isle Verte, the village where our branch of the Cote family has lived and farmed to this day. The main road through the town bears the name "Seigneur Cote".

5. Gabriel Cote:  Had 7 children with Elisabeth Bernier: Marie Genevieve (about 1728),  Barthelemie (June 26, 1727),  Basile (abt. 1728),  Marie (abt. 1730),  Jean Baptiste (Apr 20, 1732), Joseph Claude (Sep 13, 1735), Rose (Nov 17, 1737).
On Nov 6, 1740, he married Marie Madeleine Lebel. They had 6 children, for a total of  13.

 Information regarding descendants after Gabriel,  of our direct lineage, has not yet been found by me. Hopefully these can be updated at some time.
Of course, we are aware of the names of our own family. But I'm not certain of even our own 1st cousins. Maybe someone can provide me with that information.

6. Basile Cote: Basile and Anastasie Asselin raised 5 children; Fabien (about 1800),  Ruben (Abt. 1810), Seraphine (Abt. 1810),  Henriette (Abt 1810),  Angelique (Abt. 1810). It appears that they were all born in the 1810 decade. The only sure dates are;  Ruben was married to Genevieve Lemieux on Jan 24, 1832 in Isle Verte, and Henriette was married to Edouard Chevalier on Nov 24, 1835 in Isle Verte.
In some documents Basile's  father is named Gabriel, son of Gabriel. In other documents, his father is named Jean Charles.

7. Fabien Cote: Not much is known about his son Fabien's   family. Besides Jean, the next in line,  I have found references to Marcellin  (m), Prudent (m), Arthur (m) and  Cleophas (unk).

8. Alphee Cote: married Adelia Martin Feb 9, 1897. These were my Cote grandparents. Alphee died at a relatively young age, long before I was born. But I did know my grandmother, Adelia.  I first met her at the Cote farm in Isle Verte in June, 1941, when my uncle Jean-Charles was ordained a priest. I also remember her living with us foe a while in Wolcott, CT.
     Their children were: Anna (Jan 23, 1898) (died Jan 23, 1900),   Rose (Apr 6, 1899),   Alphee (Jul 31, 1900),  Leon (Jun 17, 1902), Armand (Sep 30, 1903),  Anna (Feb 13, 1905),   Bernadette (May 7, 1906),  Epiphane (Jul 6, 1907),  George (Jul 18, 1909),   Jean-Charles (Jan 10, 1911),     Irene (Jun 13, 1913),  . A total of 11.
After Anna died in 1900, the next girl born was given the same name. Alphee died in 1916 - 16 years old.

9. Armand Cote: Moved to CT, with his brother Epiphane, sometime in the later part of the 1920's. There he met my mother Bibiane LaPerriere. They married on June 25, 1929. They had 5 children; Rolande (Apr 8, 1930), Roger (Jul 7, 1931), Laurent (Jul 29, 1932), Fernand (Jul 31, 1934), and Claudette (Feb 28, 1937).

10. Roger Cote Married Therese Hevey at Oakville CT, Dec 27, 1950. They had 5 children. Claire Lynne (Apr 7, 1954) at Waterbury, CT,  Roger Armand (Jul 7, 1955) at Longbranch NJ,  Raymond Alfred (Dec 6, 1956) at Walter Reed A.H. , Washington. DC,  Robert Allen (Nov 2, 1960) at Mariemont, OH,  and Carole Lorraine (May 12, 1964) at Danbury, CT.
Roger & Therese divorced in Sep 1966.
Roger met Roberta Jackson in March, 1967 and they married  August 18, 1967 in Placentia CA..
Kurt is Roberta's son by a previous marriage and was adopted by Roger in 1970, Kurt's name being changed to Kurt Cote. Kurt was born Kurt Shotka on March 24, 1964,  in Anaheim, CA.
Michele was born on Sep 13, 1968 in Bridgeport, CT. This total is 7.

11. Louis Ouvrard LaPerriere Had  one other child besides Antoine. A sister named Paula-Marguerite, born May 30, 1691 and died the following August.
Louis (also spelled Louys) died at an early age, 26 years old.
The name Ouvrard appears to be the early family name with LaPerriere used as an adjective or maybe a place name that eventually, by at least the 1780's. became the sole family name.

12. Antoine Ouvrard LaPerriere The children of  Antoine and Angelique were Marie Angelique (Jan 7, 1714),   Marie (Jan 17, 1715),  Marie Felecite (Mar 11, 1717), Joseph Antoine (Jacques) (Mar 19, 1719),  Louis (Sep 16, 1720), Angelique (1722),  Elisabeth (May 8, 1782), Francois (Apr4, 1727), Pierre (1756),   Barbe (Dec 15,1731), Madeleine  (unk), for a total of 12 children.

13. Louis Ouvrard LaPerriere.  married to Elisabeth Riopal produced a son named Louis who married Marguerite Cantin (Quentin), whose mother was Marie-Louise Cote.
They also had a daughter named Genevieve who married a Joseph Cote
So, there was a Cote - LaPerriere union way back in 1777, but not in our line.

14. Anne Quentin  was first married to Louys de Lamarre (St Andre) They had 1 son on Mar 10, 1687. Louys (the father) died 5 months later.
Her second marriage was to Louis Ouvrard LaPerriere. (see 7 above.) They had 2 children (Antoine & Paula)..
The 3rd marriage of Anne Quentin was to Nicolas Bohier on Feb 11, 1696. They produced 4 girls. A total of 7 children.

15. Louis Phillip LaPerriere and Clara Lambert had the following 7 children: Leonie, Louis Phillip, Augustine, Valentine, Octavie, Antonia , and Antonio (Feb 20, 1887).
      Clara Lambert died on Jan 26, 1906. Louis Phillip remarried on Jun 2, 1906 to Evalina Pellerin.

16. Antonio LaPerriere: and Azelica Pellerin had a total of 16 children. These were my other grandparents who lived across the street from us in Waterbury, CT. We spent a lot of time there as we grew up in Waterbury. They lived with us when we moved to Wolcott, CT.

Those underlined did not survive childhood.
Names highlighted in yellow are the names they were known as.
Marie Therese Bertha (Aug 12, 1907), Marie Louise Claire (Jan 24, 1909), Marie Albina Bibiane (Apr 24, 1910), Joseph George Roland (Apr 30, 1911), Joseph Arthur Florent (Apr 13, 1914),  Joseph (Mar 20, 1915),  Marie Octavie Francoise (Apr 1, 1916),  Marie Jean Yvonne (Mar 5, 1918),  Joseph Edouard Henri Paul (May 13, 1919), Joseph Eugene Jean Paul (May 3, 1920),  Marie Masrgaret Susan (Apr 20, 1921),  Joseph Jean Jacques (Feb 27, 1923),  Joseph Ernest Roland (Dec 27, 1924),  Marie Carmen Irene (Oct 17, 1927),  Marie (Oct 17, 1928),  Marie Cecile Madeleine ( May 14, 1930).

17 Miville: The Miville  family emigrated to Quebec from Fribourg , Switzerland  through Jacques Miville who was born in Switzerland, emigrated in the mid 1600's , married Catherine Baillon from France in Quebec. They had a son, Jean, who married Madeleine Dube in Riviere Ouelle, PQ in 1691. They had a son, Pierre, who married Marie Paradis in Riviere Ouelle on Jan 8, 1727, who had the daughter Catherine in 1761. Dechene could be from a previous marriage.

:18. Anne Couture:  It is believed that Anne Couture arrived in New France as one of the 800 or so Filles du Roi, (Daughters of the King). These young ladies were recruited mostly from orphanages and brought to Canada where men outnumbered women by 10 to one or more. This was an effort meant to increase the colonie's expansion and population. It proved to be a great success. These women truly were great pioneers.